Masala Mixed Nuts (Sweet, Sour & Spicy) (250G)



Health Benefits of Dry Fruit Panchratan Mixture

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Anaha Masala Mixed Nuts: is a blend of handpicked Nuts and seeds with a pinch of Indian Masala Flavour for healthy snacking. It can be served as a tea time snack or can be added to the diet between meals for fulfilling daily nutritional requirements.

Specialty: Gluten-free, No onion & Garlic, 14g protein per 100gms

Ingredients: Cashew, almonds, pistachio & raisin

Shelf Life: 6 months.
Shipping: Ships in 3-7 working days.

1 review for Masala Mixed Nuts (Sweet, Sour & Spicy) (250G)

  1. anshikapamnani

    This has nice packaging. Packing is of plastic air tight pack. So it is easy to store. This has a variety of dry fruits and nuts which is of high quality and taste. Definitely recommend this. Healthy Snack.


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